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Which are these resources for? Upkeep, like regular, for all our stuff. Tier 7!!! Tier 7 this week, without any matter. Recent Upgrades. Not last week - all resources heading to upkeep and grade 7. Cosmetic Additions, Now that OSRS gold we have tier 7, we can begin to work on these again. Currently, we are working on 3 different goals all at one time. I've got a method to place up decorative items up as we finish the aims so the resources always have something to fall into. We are working on a grand hedge, which can be expensive, but should look good (it will be up in the North-West by the mine and kiln). We are also working on shields to hang on the second floor of the store, by the party room. Ultimately, we're also working on upgrading the chairs in the party room as a cloth escape item.

Recources Needed for Hedge. 73.7k Timber, 39k Stone, 33.8k Rations, Resources Needed for Shields, 13.8k Bars, 11k Precious Bars, Resources Needed for Party Room Benches, 20k Timber, 5k Bars, 5.5k Cloth. I do all ready know that skillcapes and attaining a 99 at a skill is not quite as hard as it used to be'back in the day'.

I have been playing with Scape since late 2004, and achieved 99 cooking late 07 as a free to play Cheap RuneScape gold player. For me this was a massive thing for me, back then we didnt have skill capes, and it was a massive thing for me. It was not easy at all, alot of grinding. But thats besides what I would like to talk to you guys around, im searching for opinions , Can you guys think that getting a 99 in virtually any skill is worth your time? In that case, do you do it for the skill cape? Or only the personal glory of attaining a 99.
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