Extra career 2021, increase income, office worker style
13 июля 2021 07:51
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During this time, many people may have their salary cut due to COVID-19. But the daily expenses have not decreased at all. It is a condition of low income but high cost of living. make salary man Many office workers are beginning to look for additional careers that can be done without having to leave their full-time jobs. Let's see what the 2021 additional careers of office workers have.

sell online
The top job that many people think of because in addition to being able to do at home comfortably, now everyone is popular to shop online. This makes the online market very vast. There are also large platforms such as Lazada, Shopee or even Facebook Marketplace or Instagram to help in online marketing as well.

Hire freelancers
if you have the ability or specializing in any field Try posting jobs on freelance sites such as Fastwork or Freelancebay, or try searching for part-time jobs through the app. It is another interesting option. Maybe you'll come across a job that can complement your regular job. Hire by trusted employers through the app.

Whether you have academic knowledge Or other activities such as piano, cooking, baking, swimming, golfing, ballet dancing or even yoga, you can do additional work with your knowledge. by being a tutor will be taught at home or have a place Or you can rent your own workshop space. Or you can try applying as a special teacher at various institutions if it's still not convenient. If you really want to work at home teaching, create an online course and place it on an online course platform like SkillLane. It's another good option for office workers like you.

Hot career of this era Whoever you are, you can do it. Have interesting content and be a good storyteller. Some people may make content about the life of the office worker you are, or lifestyle content or educational content. If it's loud, there will be quite a lot of income coming to you.

Host a Podcast
If you like storytelling But I don't like to take videos to see my own face. Maybe try switching from being a Youtuber to recording Podcasts because in addition to doing it when When can it be It's also another channel that's going strong in the past few years, of course, if you're popular. Sponsors will come in and out until they are the source of your great extra income.

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15 сентября 2021 06:40
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